The Small Business Entrepreneur

The small business entrepreneur is taking on a new face and wearing many hats as the function of the business owner is shifting. The majority of the entrepreneurs now have learned to multi-task and really rise above the challenges associated with a small business.

Nowadays these owners are expected to deal with the tasks of building, establishing, maintaining and looking forward deciding where the business should be in the years to come.

For this operation to work and stay on track there has to be a business plan to follow. One of the numerous faces of these entrepreneurs is that of a market researcher.

This means, it’s up to the business owner to discover if the industry is changing, how competition will impact his enterprise in addition to how he is going to have the ability to attract and sustain his or her clientele.

These entrepreneur are also confronted with the task of maintaining the books and being able to perform the accounting or hire an accountant.

Most small business entrepreneur primarily are out to make income, while the large impact entrepreneur is mostly interested in wealth creation.

These unique financial goals result in huge inherent differences in the types of business both entrepreneur types start.

Their risk/reward profiles; how they fund their businesses; and how they recruit and compensate their teams are extremely different.

The little typically tackles a business opportunity with the potential to create operating cash flow, while the high-impact entrepreneur is mostly focused on the near/mid-term exit value of the business.

Entrepreneurs are not just crucial to our economy, they’re the fundamental base that supports it and upon which it’s built.

The challenging times that we’re in have brought out the very best from the women and men in the green sector.
They’ve proven, once more, they are more demanding than any”tough” times thrown at them.

That’s the reason small business entrepreneurs aren’t only the foundation of the market; they’re the backbone of who we are as a people. The morals, ethics, values and character of these entrepreneurs is what makes us and them great.

These entrepreneurs face day to day challenges that can’t just cause unnecessary stress, but additionally, it has the potential to cripple the business from the inside.

It’s essential to have additional support to conserve the day to day functioning so you, as a leader, can focus on creativity and innovation – the living, breathing elements of your business that make it grow and expand.

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