Five Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth

The past few years have witnessed drastic development in the field of dental and oral innovation and advancement. As a result, individuals with missing teeth do not need to fret about getting them back, as there have been several dental options that can successfully resolve that issue.

Many years ago, people who grew old and lost teeth couldn’t do anything to have them back. However, that’s in the past, as dental technology has advanced greatly and provided smart solutions. So now, let’s talk about the best missing tooth options and see what will suit you best.

Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth

It’s distressing when somebody loses a tooth. But the good thing is that we now have a lot of choices to decide on to get our missing tooth back. Below are five popular dental options to replace missing teeth.

1. Implant-supported dentures

This kind of denture is tougher and more durable than traditional ones as it uses implants for better retention and not just adhesives to keep it in place. Additionally, the support of this implant enables the dental fixture to be shaped like a horseshoe, which decreases the bulkiness, opens the taste buds for a better ability to taste and eat food, and creates more space for the tongue.

2. Fixed dental bridge

If you’re not a fan of dental implants and do not want to choose them, then see if you will prefer a fixed dental bridge. This option works if you are missing a tooth or more in the same area. Fixed dental bridges can bridge the gap caused by missing teeth with a synthetic tooth or dental prosthetic.

Then prosthetics will be attached to adjacent teeth and bonded with dental cement. Fixed dental bridges will range in cost depending upon your area and the materials used.

3. Dentures

If you’ve lost a tooth or two, getting partial or full dentures may be a good option. Dentures are false detachable teeth that help you speak normally and eat food after major tooth loss. While dentures might sometimes slip when you cough and sneeze, they could be corrected by gently biting down and swallowing.

Although dentures are the expertise of prosthodontists, you may still get your dentures from the local general family dentistry professionals in your area for a reasonable price.

4. Dental implants

A dental implant is a cosmetic type of dentistry and is the perfect method to replace your missing teeth. This solution lets you have the experience of having a real and natural tooth when brushing, smiling, and chewing. This is an excellent option for replacing many teeth and a single tooth.

The implant acts as the root of a missing tooth and heals for about six months. A good benefit of this choice is there’s no need to change and adjust other teeth while positioning an implant. You might schedule your appointment with a local general dentist to have your dental implant right away.

5. Do nothing

If you just lost a tooth, there is always the option to leave it as it is. However, the bone will melt away, and the close-by teeth will then shift and fill the gap, which commonly creates areas difficult to tidy and might even lead to other issues like bone decay or loss around the existing teeth.