Essential Guidelines When Choosing a Dog Medical Boarding Facility

Your dog is an essential member of the family, and it’s no surprise that they’re known as “man’s best friend” because they show us so much love and loyalty. This is why, when you go on vacation, they deserve the best. To provide you with maximum comfort and allow you to relax and enjoy your holiday., it’s vital to know that your dog is having a good time too!

How to Choose a Dog Medical Boarding Facility

Our dogs are like children to people like us. We assess pet care with the same respect that we do children. How can we be confident that the pet care center we choose will be good if “no place like home” is not an option? We provide a few tips that may help you examine pet boarding services based on our experience in the business and passion for giving outstanding pet care.

Check the Facilities

Is what you see exactly what you get? Is there a surprise when you draw back the curtain? According to some facility managers, customers can only see a “couple of” representative samples of the boarding from the lobby. That’s a big warning sign. If you get an opportunity to see the actual veterinary rehabilitation clinic take a look at the following:

  • Do the boarding facilities have a “dog” odor?

If the facility smells, it’s possibly not clean. Cleaning up is vital for avoiding the spread of bacteria and illness, just as it is for people.

  • Have your pets ever before been laid off for long periods?

Canines in certain pet boarding facilities like Palmyra Vet Clinic are allowed to go outside for potty breaks. How often and in what fashion are the outside areas cleaned if this is the case? The employees must be taught how to keep track of the amount and consistency of excrement. If staff observe a pet has digestive problems, such as diarrhea or constipation, the pet is regularly monitored.

Check the Boarding Policies

Second, are the policies in place to ensure that the pets’ well-being is the facility’s top priority? Is it possible to bring toys and bedding from home, for example? While getting familiar goods from home may seem like a good idea, it is often dangerous. Since some dogs suffer from separation anxiety when boarding, they may eat their favorite bedding and toys. 

If your pet dog is just one of them (and you may not also recognize it), you and the pet boarding centers may be placing your pet in a potentially harmful and even fatal situation.

Check the Staff

Third, is the staff passionate regarding their job? Is it obvious that they love and delight in dogs? It is company policy to hire pet enthusiasts first. Staff can always teach someone how to do basic pet boarding duties but they can’t learn to love dogs. Your most significant factor will be the staff’s attitudes and expertise. 

You might find excellent pet boarding centers with poor personnel or bad pet boarding centers with outstanding personnel. In an ideal world, you’d discover fabulous pet boarding centers like Palmyra Animal Clinic with excellent workers.


List all the important things you see, hear, and smell while out and around. Develop a 5-point scale for examining the quality of the service. If your pet boarding services ratings are four or higher on a scale of one to four, you have most likely chosen the greatest medical boarding for your pet. The only other alternative is to trust your instincts. There is no one better to evaluate your pet’s health than you. However, do not be worried. Your pet will report back on their boarding experience.