How To Survive A Really Bad Day

Have you ever experienced a day when it looks like the entire world is out for you? When you go through one bad thing after another? When things go wrong no matter what you do? Don’t Worry! All of us do. Everybody has good days and bad days. But, how you decide to respond to a terrible day will ascertain if it’s going to be one bad day or a string of bad days. A bad day does not mean you should just stop trying. It’s been said that”every cloud has a silver lining”, so you can surely accomplish something worthwhile, no matter how bad of a day you’re experiencing. Bear in mind, there’s always a lesson in each battle!

Here are a few simple pointers that will assist you survive a bad day and get the most out of it!

Do not make a bad day even worse. Complaining, overeating, yelling at a coworker or loved one, or getting drunk are only a couple ways to possibly make a bad day worse. Why throw gas on the fire? Just stay low and let the storm pass. Tomorrow is a new day and for all you know it may even be your very best day ever.

It could have been worse. Perhaps your boss hates your report, your kids are bugging the hell out of you, your customer is yelling at you and your domestic help has not shown up at work! However bad your day is, it could be a lot worse. And many are confronted with much worse each and every day. Do not complain about how terrible your life is or how frustrated you are. It’s tempting to pick the phone up and tell 10 friends about how unhappy you’re feeling but that is only going to increase your anxiety and definitely will not make you feel any better.

Do not make this day a narrative of your life. Remember that it is only one day. You can manage one bad moment. You have already successfully survived many previously. Complete the day but look forward to tomorrow. One good thing about hitting the rock bottom is that things can only get better from there, right?

Do not make any important decisions. A bad day is not the best time to choose to quit your job, give up on your dream, or end a connection. All those things can wait until your disposition and conditions have normalized. Again, avoid doing anything which may make your terrible day considerably worse.

Do something which excites you. Just treat yourself. Opt to get away for the weekend or purchase that new iPod you’ve been eyeing for the past couple of months. Give yourself something to look forward to in the not too distant future.

Identify the lesson. Just reflect and determine if in any way you might have contributed in making your bad day? Can your rough day have been prevented? Can you learn anything from this experience? A rough day is not so bad if you learned something useful out of it. Get the most out of it.

Breathe. Unless you’re literally submerged, breathing is always recommended to ease tension and regain control of your own emotions. Simply breathe and get your job done. Completing everything that has to be done is harder when everything appears to be going wrong, however you’ll feel more fulfilled at the end of the day when it was not an entire loss.

Take a power nap. Sometimes it is possible to reset your day and your mind by taking a quick nap. Perhaps you’ll understand your situation in a new light. A power nap also provides a needed break.

Stay Busy. When you are experiencing a terrible day, concentrate on completing the tasks in your calendar. Being active will keep your head from taking you on a downward emotional spiral.

Most of all, avoid having a bad day as an excuse to do something dumb or you may discover it may get worse. Follow these strategies and you will receive through your rough days in the best way possible.

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