How to Categorize Water Damage at Your Home or Office?

The destruction produced by any water intrusion on your property is water damage. A leaking pipe, a broken heater, a clogged toilet, or natural calamities like storm floods, hurricanes, and blizzards can all cause damage.

After the damage is identified, it is much simpler to begin drying. This will help determine which things can be repaired after removing the water.

The affected water can aid in dividing the damages into three distinct types.

Water Damage Categories

1. Clearwater Damage (Category 1)

The damage could result from leaky faucets, a leaky washer, or a leaky bathtub. Water damage of category one is when water is from a safe source and has not caused significant damage to the people.

A homeowner could be suffering from a water heater that has burst or a malfunctioning shutoff valve. If the appliance is not shutting off, it is crucial to shut off the leak. Once you have identified the cause of the leak and stopped the flow of water, the majority of plumbers can assist homeowners. It is crucial to understand what the primary water shutoff valve operates.

If the water isn’t filtered rapidly, bacteria may grow on surfaces and mix with other pollutants to make it dirty. Clearwater that isn’t cleared within 48 hours after its arrival or passes through areas of risk could be classified as a category two or three. Contact a restoration company like water damage restoration Redlands for more information.

2. Greywater Damage (Category 2)

Greywater is essentially polluted water. It is contaminated water, which can lead to illnesses if consumed. Greywater can be affected by toilets, fixtures, and leaky appliances.

Gray water is water that is impacted by the source. The water could cause discomfort or illness when it is consumed. The carpeting within the space should be taken off or replaced to stop bacterial and mold growth.

If a greywater problem is not addressed quickly, the issue could escalate into a severe case. If the issue is not treated quickly, it may cause a substantial rise in contamination. If the problem remains untreated for more than 48 hours, the case could escalate into a class 3 black water issue.

3. Blackwater Damage (Category 3)

Damage to water in category three is caused by water that comes from black water sources. Blackwater can trigger serious health issues by causing a range of infections and allergies. The degree of the health issue will depend on the depth to which the water gets into the surrounding environment.

Blackwater is the home of various contaminants, including bacteria and viruses. Water may contain feces, oil, and sewage waste. Blackwater could cause significant damage to your home and structures and cause infection.

To ensure that your business or home premises are habitable and safe again, it is necessary to finish cleaning and sanitizing. When the final laboratory results have been cleared, it is possible to clean up a contaminated home. A specialist like PuroClean conducts the final clearance test to ensure security and safety for all who live in the house.